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Driving Under the Influence / While IntoxicatedA DUI arrest (as the crime in known in Florida) is an intimidating if not downright frightening experience as it usually occurs in Florida.  It doesn’t have to be. You may never have been arrested or involved with the law before, much less accused with a crime.   Our goal […]


Probation Violation

Violation of Probation Probation is usually an alternative to incarceration that most people find preferable to spending time in jail.  On the other hand, sometimes the conditions imposed can be so onerous that fulfillment is practically impossible, and a violation of probation is inevitable.  Sober advice by an experienced attorney and careful consideration of one’s […]


Criminal Appeals

Criminal Appeals, Motions to Vacate, and Immigrants There are several of rights that a convicted criminal defendant may exercise after he has been convicted and sentenced.  For complete advice about what those rights are, seek the advice of an experienced practitioner in criminal defense.  Two of those rights are the direct appeal and a post conviction […]