Driving Under the Influence / While Intoxicated
A DUI arrest (as the crime in known in Florida) is an intimidating if not downright frightening experience as it usually occurs in Florida.  It doesn’t have to be. You may never have been arrested or involved with the law before, much less accused with a crime.   Our goal is to ease your anxiety, by providing experienced legal representation, confidence in our preparation and handling of your case, and reassurance while guiding you through the complexities of your DUI case; step by step toward a desirable result. One of the immediate and most crippling effects a DUI charge has on the suspension of your driver’s license based on a breath test “over .08” or for “refusal to take the breath test.”  If you entrust our office with your defense we will explain the DUI process and the method of our defense, we will take immediate steps to restore your ability to drive (time is of the essence), and reassure you through all of the decisions every step of the way. A DUI conviction can have long lasting effects on your life and ability to work and drive.  We strive to challenge every element of your charge and fight your case to reach a desirable result.

A DUI charge is a complex case. There are a myriad of issues involved, including (1) reasons for the stop of your vehicle; (2) performance on field sobriety tests; (3) admissibility and accuracy of breath and / or blood test results, to name a few.  As your lawyer, I will evaluate the facts of your particular case and with your help, we will determine the very best defense strategy to defend the charge that you were (1) under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or chemical substances when affected to the extent your normal faculties were impaired OR (2) that your breath alcohol content over .08.  Evidence of impairment of a person’s normal faculties include a slower reaction time, speeding, weaving, driving too slow, slurred speech, glassy eyes and difficulty with balance.

Penalties under Florida law for a conviction of DUI are considered to be one of the toughest in the country. Resolving the case on your own could subject you to sanctions including jail, a license suspension, probation, fines, court costs, counseling, substance abuse classes, vehicle impound and more. Our goal is to prevent you from being subjected to any of these sanctions, or at the very least, work hard to minimize them.  The State of Florida has minimum mandatory sentence guidelines for DUI charges. Some of these sanctions include: jail time (depending on the facts), driver’s license suspension, community service, DUI school, victim impact panel, fines, community service, vehicle impound and installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.  Despite being mandatory we attempt to minimize the sanctions, avoid them altogether, or get your case reduced to a lesser charge.

DUI – Driver’s License Suspension 
After your arrest, the officer may have taken your license and now your license is suspended. Unless your license was suspended at the time of your arrest, you are permitted to drive for 10 DAYS as long as you carry the actual DUI citation as if it was your license. Within the 10 days, you must contact our office to challenge your license suspension and acquire you a temporary driving permit. Quite simply, our goal is to keep you driving as long as possible. We know that driving to and from work, or taking your children to school is most important to maintain your livelihood.