Violation of Probation

Probation is usually an alternative to incarceration that most people find preferable to spending time in jail.  On the other hand, sometimes the conditions imposed can be so onerous that fulfillment is practically impossible, and a violation of probation is inevitable.  Sober advice by an experienced attorney and careful consideration of one’s ability to fulfill the terms of probation can avoid incarceration and heartache later.  Unannounced night searches of your home, random drug testing, community service, restrictive curfew, and other limitations on liberty, if not strictly observed will result in the very jail sentence avoided by accepting probation to begin with.
If you have violated your probation a warrant will be issued for your arrest, often without bond or one that you can’t afford. In most cases the maximum sentence originally available can still be imposed.  Violations of probation are difficult to defend and those who attend without an attorney are often incarcerated unnecessarily.

If you have violated your probation, immediately seek the advice of experienced criminal defense counsel and continue complying with your probationary conditions. Keep doing your community service, taking drug tests, paying fines and fees, and meeting with your agent. The more you try the better the outcome will be for you.

Typically the maximum sentence for the original underlying crime will be available to the court to impose. If adjudication was withheld on the underlying crime, you can, and often will be convicted of the original charge. Your driver’s license may be suspended on drug crimes and you will have that conviction on your criminal record, affecting all of those civil rights that will be lost, including the right to possess weapons or even vote.

Allow us to guide you through this process of restoration of your probationary status and / or favorable resolution of your case.  Start by calling our office for a free consultation and an opportunity for us to explain the process and how we may help you.