Juvenile case or “Juvenile Cause” as they are known in Florida is the equivalent of a criminal charge but against a juvenile rather than an adult.  In Florida a juvenile is defined as a minor under the age of 17.  While subject to different rules and originally intended to treat and rehabilitate juvenile offenders, now a juvenile record can lead to severe legal punishments (called commitments) and a damaging record. Regardless of their age, such a record can negatively impact a minor’s future employment and educational opportunities.

Juvenile Rights
Just like adults, minors have individual rights and they can protect and defend themselves against their criminal charges. Juveniles have the right to remain silent when questioned by law authorities, the right to cross examine witnesses who are testifying against them, and the right to an attorney. On the other hand a false accusation against your child can lead to your child’s expulsion from school and destruction of their future.  A parent should immediately assert their child’s right to an attorney and to remain silent to avoid the often overpowering influence law enforcement officials can have on them.

If your child is being charged with a juvenile crime, the best thing you can do for them is to immediately retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. By retaining the services of a skilled Florida criminal attorney, you are ensuring that you child will receive the legal representation, advice, and information they need to defend themselves against their charges.

We would welcome an opportunity to review your child’s case and evaluate how your child can move forward with their life without having to worry about their past mistakes hindering their future possibilities.